Accès à la base de connaissances : pêche et poissons

Coarse Fishing Essentials | technique coup | pêche au coup
pêche à l'anglaise

Even the complete beginner can come to the waterside sensibly equipped and with a good chance of catching fish straight away !
With this handy book in your tackle box, you have a clear and decisive course, honed by years of experience but accommodating the best modern developments.
You have a lot to learn if uou are to beat the old-timers who kow the water and its ways? So here you can learn the techniques;how to gain the best locations;and the haunts and habits of themost popular fish - with a full-colour fish identification guide.
Plus there's an up-to-date equipment review to help you choose the essential tackle to get you started.

Mon avis : un petit livre bien pratique pour apprendre à pêcher au coup comme les anglais !